Hazards Applicable Ability
Mines Mine Sweeper
Poison Status Recovery
Homing Absorbers

Video Walkthrough

Overall Strategy

Stack MS/Flight
There are no gimmicks in this dungeon except for mines. Bring minesweeper or flight monsters to avoid the high damaging mines.

Lots of Mobs
Bring high damaging bump combos for mob clear.

Viable Monsters

S Rank Reason
Raff (Transcension)
- Bounce, MSM + Recovery
- High powered Cross Laser and 12 turn Command SS for mob clear.
D'Artagnyan (Ascension)
- Pierce, MS
- Follow Up Piercer for mob clearing and DPS
- Healing Wall SS for safety
A Rank Reason
Nirai Kanai
- Bounce, NGB
- Energy Burst 4 + Plasma for damage
- Class slaying SS
Iris (Ascension)
- Bounce, Flight
- Rebounding Spreadshot for mob clear
- Meteor SS
Artica (Ascension)
- Bounce, Mine Sweeper M
- Homing Piercer + Meteor-struction for mob clear
- Meteor SS
Agnamut X (Transcension)
- Bounce, Mine Sweeper XL
- All-enemy Knock-up SS for mob clear and damage
Loki (Transcension)
- Bounce, Mine Sweeper
- Blast type Lockon Oneway Laser
- Bash SS can be used for placement
B Rank Reason
Rei x Amakusa (Ascension)
- Pierce, Mine Sweeper + Recovery
- Synchro is a weaker Lucifer barrier
- EX Laser for mob clear and damage
- Meteor SS
Nonna α (Ascension)
- Bounce, Mine Sweeper + Demon Slayer
- Oneway Laser for damage
D'Artagnyan (Evolution)
- Bounce, Mine Sweeper
- Big Bomb for damage
- Laser + Homing SS
Chun-Li (Ascension)
- Pierce, Flight
- Bash SS for damage w/ a short cooldown
Striker (Transcension)
- Bounce, Flight + Counter Slayer
- Energy Circle + Eightway Laser for mob clear
- Bash SS for damage
Pandora (Evolution)
- Bounce, Mine Sweeper M + Drain
- Energy Burst for mob clear and damage
- Debuff SS deals damage and debuffs boss/mobs

1st Stage - Clear ASAP

Fire Carnage 1

Progression Order
1. Defeat the gasmasks
2. Defeat the snakes
3. Defeat the mine mechs

The most damaging mobs are the gasmasks, start with them. Mines will be placed near them, so if you're lacking minesweepers focus the gasmasks to avoid moving up to that part of the map. Next focus the snakes to avoid the poison damage. Do not stall on this stage.

2nd Stage - Take a Break

Fire Carnage 2

Progression Order
1. Stall for strike shots
2. Clear mobs.

The homing absorbers do little damage in this stage. Use this time to heal up and stall for long strike shots since the boss is up next.


Fire Carnage Invasion

Progression Order
1. Clears mobs as they are summoned.
2. Clear mini boss.

The mini boss will summon mobs every 4 turns; clear them to avoid taking heavy damage.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Fire Carnage Boss
Placement Attack
Top Left
(11 Turns)
Random Meteor
~2500 per hit
(5 Turns)
Blast Spread Shot
~4000 per row
Top Right
(2 Turns)
EX Laser
~6500 per hit
Bottom Left
(5 Turns)
Reflect Laser
~10000 per hit

1st Boss Stage - Mob Clear

Fire Carnage Boss1

Jabbanero's HP: 1.2 million
Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech birds and gunmen.
2. Defeat Jabbanero.
3. Clean up the rest.

The mech birds and gunmen deal a lot of damage so focus them first. Stay well away from Jabbanero to avoid his spray. Don't even go near him.

2nd Boss Stage - Stay Away

Fire Carnage Boss2

Jabbanero's HP: 2.0 million
Progression Order
1. Defeat the gasmasks.
2. Defeat the gunmen.
3. Defeat Jabbanero.
4. Clean up the rest.

Similar to the previous stage. Clear the mobs first to avoid damage, stay away from Jabbanero to avoid dying.

3rd Boss Stage - Strike Shot to Victory

Fire Carnage Boss3

Jabbanero's HP: 3.0 million
Progression Order
1. Clear mobs.
2. Strike shot Jabbanero into oblivion.

Pretty self explanatory. Clear the mobs first to avoid taking damage. Stay away from Jabbanero still.