May Monster Sharl

Time: 4/29 - 5/29

Level 2: Guarantee ★5
Level 3: Jekyll & Hyde
Level 4: Raff

Yu Yu Hakusho Collaboration

Time: 5/2 12PM

New Hatcher Monsters

Evo Raizen & Yusuke (★6 Light)
Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Super Null Gravity Barrier
Gauge: Gravity Barrier Slayer
SS: Raizen and Yusuke dances around the battlefiend and attacks a nearby enemy with a Reigun
Bump: Meteor-struction

- Reigun will be launched after they stopped

Asc Raizen (6 Light)
Type: Power
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Null Damage Wall / Demon Slayer
Gauge: Dark Slayer
SS: Unleash a number of fists and attacks one enemy in the targeted direction
Bump: Barrage Shotgun
Sub: Meteor-struction

Evo Yomi & Kurama (6 Wood)
Type: Blast
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Mine Sweeper / Null Damage Wall
Gauge: Status Recovery / Dash
SS: Protects allies from enemies' attacks with Demon Absorption Wall
Bump: Rebound Ex Laser L

- Monster will move around and then puts up a barrier that absorbs damage (kind of like Rei x Amakusa Shiro SS)

Evo Mukuro & Hiei (6 Fire)
Type: Speed
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Warp / Null Wind
Gauge: Null Block
SS: Deals a lot of damage to enemies within a 3-point area.
Bump Combo: Cross Laser XL

Pu (5 Dark) & Koenma (5 Water)

New Ascensions

Asc Urameshi Yusuke (6 Water)
Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Damage Wall
Gauge: Null Magic Circle
SS: Bashes the first contacted enemy and attacks with a Reigun
Bump: Fellow Laser L
Sub: Plasma

Asc Hiei (6 Dark)
Type: Balanced
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Null Warp + Laser Stop
Gauge: Null Block
SS: Increases Strength for a set number of turns & neutralizes DW, Barriers, Warps, Mines, and Magic Circles
Bump: Super Slice 'n' Dice
Sub: Speed Up S

Savage Monsters: Amanuma Tsukishito (5 Water) & Elder Toguro (5 Light)


Extreme Monsters: Itsuki (★6 Wood) & Hagiri Kaname (6 Fire)


Itsuki is the 24/7 Extreme while Kaname is a normal Extreme.

Sensui (6 Dark)

Sensui Kazuya & Sensui Minoru
Sensui Shinobu

All 3 forms can be changed without any extra items or materials. Kazuya and Minoru will be a normal Extreme. Shinobu will be an Insidious dungeon. You have to beat each quest in order to get the specific Sensui Evolution. You start off with Minoru. Clearing it will unlock Kazuya's dungeon and clearing that will unlock Shinobu's dungeon.

Yukina (5 Water)

Will be given out by filling up the Toguro Meter in the Collaboration Site.
Ways of Filling the Meter:

  • Predict the 3 hidden Toguros
  • Visit the Toguro Home in the site
  • Watch and share your thoughts on Yu Yu Hakusho episodes in the site

Miscellaneous News

  • There will be no Monster Strike News next week. Next Monster News is on 5/11
  • Anime Special featuring Ibaraki Doji, Lucifer/Satan and Lucifer will air on May 3rd.
  • There will be 1/2 Stamina for Sima Yi, Avalon, Izanami, Darkblade Murasame and Kushinada from their 500k Youtube Subscriber Campaign. Check the schedule!!
  • New Impossible, Lubu, will be on 4/28 8PM - 10PM
  • There will be a Live Stream of the Monster Strike Symphony at 4/27 7PM